MDCP Funding Updates

(updated 2011.01.03)

2011 MDCP Award Funds Subject to Continuing Resolution  
$15 Million in the Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 is not Appropriated

Lack of Appropriation Likely to Mean About $2 m Available for 2011 Awards

Congress adjourned in late December without passing several appropriations for fiscal 2011, including the appropriation for the Department of Commerce. Instead, Congress passed a continuing resolution to fund federal government operations until March. There is a good chance that under a continuing resolution ITA would be able to make MDCP awards of about $2 million. This is approximately the historic average funding level for MDCP awards..


Authorization of Additional MDCP Funding has NOT Been Funded

On September 16, 2010 the Senate approved legislation that authorized $15 million in MDCP funding. Congress did NOT appropriate funds for this authorization in its session ended Decmember 23, 2010. The authorized funds are not appropriated and therefore NOT available for MDCP awards. It is still possible that this authorization could be funded at a later date by the new Congress. To be available for MDCP awards in fiscal 2011, an appropriation of the authorized additional funding would probably need to be passed by May. However, as noted to the left most of the federal government is currently operating under a continuing resolution instead of under an appropriation. It is likely that an MDCP competition of traditional size -- about $2 million -- will be able to be funded under a continuing resolution.