The Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness (Committee) addresses an issue crucial to America’s job growth and economic development:  the health of America’s complex, interlinked supply chain infrastructure.  To be competitive in today’s global economy, America’s manufacturers and producers need to be able to move products and goods securely, quickly and efficiently within our borders and beyond.  However, freight system deficiencies, inadequate intermodal links, and bottlenecks can – and do - affect the strength of the entire American economy.  A 2006 Department of Transportation study reported that congestion factors alone cost America an estimated $200 billion a year.


The Advisory Committee for Supply Chain Competitiveness was established by then-Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke on November 3, 2011.  The Committee’s purpose is to advise the Secretary of Commerce on the necessary elements of a comprehensive, holistic national freight infrastructure and a national freight policy designed to support U.S. export growth and competitiveness, foster national economic competitiveness, and improve U.S. supply chain competitiveness in the domestic and global economy.